So many have asked about my time on the Les Bohemes SoC Retreat 2016. I try to tell them in short how wonderful this trip was but I know it doesn't do it justice. The time at our home by the lake was a reboot for me. A refresher course of work that I still continue to work on. It was a balm and quiet to ease pain.

It was a space where I could be open and vulnerable and happy. So I tell them, my retreat was just what I needed. So I thank you all again.

Thanks to all of the wonderful facilitators that shared their gifts. Thank you to all the participants I now call friends due. And thanks Rina for putting together this wonderful event. Until we next time.

Wendy attended 2016


This is my 2nd time at SotCR, I have to say each experience was different experience. I enjoyed myself last year and I enjoyed myself this year.

I learned so much about myself, I made so many new connections and I've learned that its ok to be where I am.

Jasmyn attended 2015 & 2016


Les Bohèmes put on an amazing experience, there was a reason why my souI gravitated toward this retreat.

There were a lot of amazing souls and a lot amazing things that I found myself opening up to that I never knew existed. It broke my soul down and built it up at the same time and it was something that I needed at this point of my life. I am so amazed that i was part of it.

Melanie attended 2016


My favourite part of the retreat, other than the workshops was being around the other ladies of like minds.

I would recommend anyone to come and experience this, its a once in a lifetime experience.

Erica attended 2016 & 2017


This retreat has definitely been life changing. All the workshops were amazing but my favourite part was communing with the people here, this environment was full of love and security.

Theres nothing better than being around people that are your people, that are artists, that get you and inspire you in a way to become a better person from that.

Denitra attended 2015


THANK YOU! My life is forever changed! I cannot describe, put words to the feeling that has encompassed me since arriving, participating, and leaving your beautiful retreat. I desire so much more of what transpired in just 5 days.

You are an absolutely amazing woman! I am honoured to have been apart of such a magical time in all of our lives. I would love, be honored, and so very happy to be able to work with you in the future! Much love and gratitude to you.

Belinda attended 2015


It has been a fantastic experience, I love everybody who I have met here. The best part about it were the workshops, you think it's a writers retreat but its about building your self-confidence and loving yourself so you a can apply that to what you want to pursue. It's creative but you don't have to be a creative. Les Bohèmes is it!

Natsai attended 2015