The Les Bohèmes team came up with the idea of designing a creative retreat as an extension of our regular Healthfulness Retreat events back in 2014.

We wanted to offer an experience where creatives could escape to and freely explore & express themselves without any pressure or judgement.

New Orleans was a natural choice of location because of the rich creative history, culture, surroundings and extensive community of artists situated here. It has long been a mecca for writers, musicians, painters and other creatives other the past century.

Therefore, when choosing contributing artists, we look for creators that will inspire, release and support our participant's creative process through the retreat and beyond.

We particularly love working with native Louisiana artists, because they have welcomed and supported us since day one.

Our past contributors includes: Saddi Khali, Brianna McCarthy, Vanessa Coore-The Bazaar Bohemian, Sunni Paterson, Shana Turner, Phylicia Ghee, Natalie Stewart, The Floacist and Cipriana Quann.